• Asian Pacific Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Hand

VOLUME 3, ISSUE 2, NO. 6 December 1, 2023

"You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start
to be great"

- Hilary Hinton 'Zig' Ziglar

Welcome to the sixth issue of 'Hands-On', the official newsletter of the Asian-Pacific Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Hand (APFSSH). We had a great biennial meeting of the APFSSH. APFSHT, and APWA at Singapore that was truly 'Diverse and Inclusive'. It was the first major meeting after the pandemic and we could all catch up with friends and colleagues amidst the scientific bonanza. The meeting was organised with typical Singaporean efficiency and warmth. with Jacqueline and Mark leading the team.

We have a new executive body with Mr Anthony Berger as the President, Prof Fuminori Kanaya as the President.Elect and A/ Prof Alphonsus Chong as the secretary general. In this issue, we have Dr Renita Sirisena talking about the evolution of Hand Surgery in Singapore.

Happy Reading.

Editorial Team @ APFSSH Newsletter
Jennifer & Sandeep

Message from President-Elect
Fuminori Kanaya

One Step Forward

“We made several steps forward and APFSSH has shown steady progress. We will keep going on.” Fuminori Kanaya
Last year (2023), APFSSH took several steps forward in the financial, scientific, and educational ctivities. Each step contributed to the steady progress of APFSSH. Thanks to the past-presidents especially my predecessor Dr. Raja Sabapathy.

APFSSH settled in a central office in Singapore in 2021. We have a steady income. The main contribution came from membership subscriptions and others were donations from member societies member societies with the income from their events and advertisements in the Newsletter. I appreciate the contribution of Dr. Alphonsus Chong (Treasurer) and the Singapore Society for Hand Surgery. Our official journal, The Journal of Hand Surgery-Asian Pacific volume had nearly 1,900 subscriptions and its impact factor reached 0.5. The APFSSH newsletters launched by Dr. Sandeep Sebastin provide useful information with regards to the status of individual member societies. APFSSH started a travelling fellowship and visiting professorship thanks to a generous donation from the past president Dr Raja Sabapathy. This fellowship will help APFSSH member countries progress together and is being led by President Mr. Anthony Berger and education committee. The APFSSH travelling fellowship was started in 2006 as a Japan fellowship using the surplus from the 2005 APFSSH meeting held in Osaka, Japan, but was stopped because of a lack of a central office and limited financial resources. In the recent five years, we settled into a central office, established the constitution, launched a newsletter and started a travelling fellowship. We made several steps forward and APFSSH has shown steady progress. We will keep going on.

Fuminori Kanaya, President Elect, APFSSH

Treasurer's Report
Hyunsik Gong
"My role as the new treasurer is to take the next step for more proactive management of our funds and to recruit more partners that can sponsor our activities. " Hyunsik Gong
My warm greetings to all members of the APFSSH. I became treasurer of the APFSSH on 2 June 2023 at the general delegate meeting during the 13th APFSSH congress in Singapore. It is my great pleasure to write this message as I look back on my first year as the treasurer. As a new member of the APFSSH executive committee (exco) team, I deeply appreciate the support and guidance of my fellow exco leaders and members of the APFSSH.

My predecessor Dr. Alphonsus Chong (now Secretary-General) has done a wonderful job in setting up the financial transaction system of the APFSSH in Singapore. I remember that the actual process of establishing the DBS bank account in Singapore was a feat. As it took some in-person paperwork and verification of the organizing persons, Dr. Goo Hyun Baek (then President) and Dr. Anthony Berger (then Secretary-General) went to Singapore on the 20th January, 2020, just prior to the pandemic. The three exco members (Drs. Chong, Baek and Berger) successfully set up the bank account, with the two (Drs. Baek and Berger) making their short and tight trip to Singapore. After opening this digital banking account, which made fund transfers easy and transparent, the APFSSH has successfully grown in terms of financial status. The Hong Kong and Japanese Societies for Surgery of the Hand sent us the surplus funds that they had kindly held after organizing their congresses. The Australian Society for Surgery of the Hand also donated the surplus from the 2020 meeting, which must have been difficult financially due to the pandemic. Our 13 member societies have sent their yearly subscription fees devotedly. We also received
Treasurer's Report
Hyunsik Gong
very generous donations from Drs. Raja Sabapathy and Goo Hyun Baek (Past-Presidents), to whom we are very grateful. Their donations will help us start our fellowship program and further develop our educational and outreach programs. Thanks to the efforts of the previous exco team, the financial aspects of the APFSSH have been settled successfully. Now my role as the new treasurer is to take the next step for more proactive management of our funds and to recruit more partners that can sponsor our activities. Under the leadership of our new president Dr. Berger and the exco team, we launched a financial committee of the APFSSH. Drs. Alphonsus Chong, Toshiyasu Nakamura, Jihyeung Kim, and I will be the committee members. This committee’s function will include short and long-term financial oversight, distribution of funds for diverse programs, and more fund-raising. First, we are planning to make the existing funds work harder for us, as suggested by Dr. Chong. We are considering to move some extra money to a savings account with a higher interest rate. Second, we are working hard to invite more partner companies to advertise on our Journal, Newsletter, and Homepage. We have already have a new partner on our homepage, Jeil Medical, in addition to our faithful old partner Johnson and Johnson. We are expecting more companies (DOF and Medartis) to join soon. We have also received applications for advertisement from specialized hospitals for hand and musculoskeletal surgery: Yeson Hospital, Pyeong-Chon Seoul Now Hospital, and Seoul Daejeong Hospital. We appreciate their goodwill to help us do our work for education and out-reach.

Finally, I would like to thank our secretariat Ms. Bened Thong, who has greatly helped the transition of our financial work from Dr. Chong to me. She dealt with important financial administrative functions such as preparing financial statements and tax returns under the guidance of former treasurer Dr. Chong. This was a great help to me as I was not familiar with the Singapore banking system and accounting. I was so moved by admiration at her meticulous and precise work as an experienced administrator. Ms. Thong can be reached at admin@apfssh.net, which is the single point of contact for APFSSH matters. Now I feel relieved that my 1st year as treasurer has passed smoothly and our financial system has become a little firmer with more partners joining us to support our activities. 2024 is the year of the blue dragon for some Asian countries. I wish you all the best in 2024, in which you fly high like a dragon.

Hyunsik Gong, Treasurer, APFSSH

Update on Our Journal
Sandeep Sebastin

Good Things Take Time

“My aim for our journal is to ensure prompt reviews, decrease time from submission to publication, and release issues on time.” Sandeep Sebastin
I took over as the Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Hand Surgery – Asian Pacific Volume from Dr S. Raja Sabapathy in January 2024. Dr Sabapathy has been a mentor to me for many years. I met him for the first time in 2001 to interview for a registrar position at his hospital - Ganga Hospital which was arguably the best place in India training in Hand Surgery. He has guided me ever since and has had a great influence on my professional and personal development. Taking over from him is an honour and a challenge.

I have had the benefit of being involved with the journal for the past two years as an editor and have an excellent working relationship with the remaining editors, most of whom have agreed to continue (Praveen Bhardwaj-India; Hyunsik Gong-Korea and Michael Boland-New Zealand). Norimasa Iwasaki (Japan) has stepped down as he has additional responsibilities and suggested Michiro Yamamoto (Japan) who has joined us. We have also added a new associate editor position and selected 10 dynamic associate editors (based on number of past reviews for the journal). We are hopeful that the associate editors will serve as a bench for selection of future editors/ editor-in-chief. We have also revamped the editorial board and included some new people while retaining many of the older members.

My aim for our journal is to ensure prompt reviews, decrease time from submission to publication and release issues on time. We are getting there and I will have more details in my next update. Thank you for supporting us.

Sandeep Sebastin, Editor-in-Chief, JHS-AP

Society in the Spotlight - Singapore
Renita Sirisena
The Singapore Society for Surgery of the Hand (SSHS)

Formation of SSHS: Singapore Society for Hand Surgery (SSHS) was formed in 1982. It was made up of orthopaedic and plastic surgeons with the common focus of exchanging ideas and experiences with emphasis on the training, education, research and development of the specialty with the international hand community.

Early days: Hand conditions in Singapore used to be managed by general surgeons till the formation of the Orthopaedic Department at Singapore General Hospital (SGH) in 1952. There was an increase in hand surgical conditions due to leprosy and the rapid pace of industrialization in Singapore. This increase demand for dedicated hand surgery care led to Pesi B Chacha being tasked by VK Pillay in 1967 to develop a hand surgery unit at SGH. This first outpatient hand clinic started at SGH in 1968 and was manned by Chacha, Yeoh Kean Hong and Kanwaljit Soin.

Robert WH Pho joined the Orthopaedic Department of SGH in 1974 after training in hand surgery in the United Kingdom. Together with Chacha, they worked to develop the instrumentation, laboratories and processes required to do microsurgery in Singapore. With all this in play, the first thumb replantation in Singapore was performed in 1977, followed by Singapore’s first toe to thumb transplantation thereafter in 1980. Pho also described the world’s first free vascularised fibular transplant for reconstruction of the distal radius post giant cell tumour resection in 1978. All these clinical achievements helped Singapore engage with the international hand surgery community.

Role of the society: Since its inception, the SSHS has been actively involved in organizing conferences, workshops, and quarterly educational programs for our members and residents to disseminate knowledge and skills related to hand

Schematic for the first thumb replantation in Singapore
The first free vascularised fibula used for reconstruction of a distal radius in 1979
Society in the Spotlight - Singapore
Renita Sirisena
The 1st ASSH – SSHS Inaugural Joint Scientific Meeting and 24th Hand Review Course (2015)

surgery. In recent years, we have held combined meetings with other international societies such as the combined Malaysia-Finland-Estonia-Latvia societies (2013), American Society for Surgery of the Hand (2015, 2018), Societa Italiana di Chirugia della Mano(SICM) (2016), British Society for Surgery of the Hand (BSSH) (2023).

The 2nd ASSH – SSHS Scientific Meeting, 27th Hand Review Course and Inaugural Singapore Association of Hand Therapy meeting (2018)
Society in the Spotlight - Singapore
Renita Sirisena

The latest international conference organised was the 13th APFSSH congress held in conjunction with the 9th APFSHT and the 8th APWA meetings from 31 May 2023 – 3 June 2023 at Singapore Expo which saw 840 participants attending from over 33 countries. During this meeting, the book “Crafting a Legacy” was launched. It is a compilation featuring 48 Asian Pacific hand surgery pioneers and 8 of them were present at the meeting to receive their own copy.

The 2nd ASSH – SSHS Scientific Meeting, 27th Hand Review Course and Inaugural Singapore Association of Hand Therapy meeting (2018)
32nd Hand Review Course and Annual Scientific Meeting 2024
The SSHS also plays a significant role in promoting research and academic activities related to hand surgery. The society has run an annual hand review course since 1992 where there is active academic exchange and networking between members as well as a platform for members to present their research. This yearly face-to-face meeting had some changes during the COVID era where the meeting was conducted

in a hybrid fashion and we also expanded our program to include a nursing and hand therapist symposium.

Society in the Spotlight - Singapore
Renita Sirisena
The mascot of the 17th IFSSH in Singapore is the Crimson Sunbird. It’s wing are depicted as hands, in line with our specialty

To date, our society is growing. We have 58 hand surgeon members, 19 residents, 22 hand therapists and 3 honorary senior hand surgeon members. We recently participated and won the bid to host the 17th IFSSH-IFSHT meeting in 2028. Our theme in keeping with the current global trend will be that of sustainability in hand surgery and hand therapy. As we work toward organising a diverse and inclusive meeting, we look forward to meeting one and all in Singapore in 2028.

Renita Sirisena, Treasurer, Singapore Society for Hand Surgery

Executive Body SSHS
President: Sreedharan Sechachalam
Vice-President: Robert Yap
Secretary: Soumen Das De
Treasurer: Renita Sirisena
Editor: Sia Wei Tee
Members: Duncan McGrouther and Dawn Chia
JHS-AP Article In-Focus
Praveen Bhardwaj

Buck-Gramcko technique is one of the most popular techniques used for pollicisation. Apart from being time-tested, it particularly is comfortable to the surgeon because of the good exposure to the palmar neuro-vascular structures through the proximal palmar skin extension. However, this longer palmar skin flap and relatively smaller palmar-radial flap sometimes leads to a ‘finger-like’ appearance of the thumb with a sharp interdigital cleft and a triphalangeal form. Authors of this article propose a few technical tips to improve the aesthetics of the thumb and make it look more like a ‘thumb’. The technical tips at each stage of the operation (namely- designing the skin flaps; incision and elevation of the skin flaps; bone resection and flap inset) has been legibly tabulated. This appears to be an elegant cook-book to make your next pollicisation look better.

Praveen Bhardwaj, Editor, JHS-AP
JHS-AP Article In-Focus
Praveen Bhardwaj
Forearm Deformities in Birth Brachial Plexus Palsy - Patient Profile and Management Algorithm Bhardwaj P, Varadharajan V, Salyan S, Venkatramani H, Sabapathy SR. J Hand Surg Asian Pac Vol. 2023 Dec;28(6):624-633.
'Complimentary access to full text of this article has been provided by the World Scientific Publishing Co. (Singapore) and requires registration at the journal website. Registration is free.'

Forearm deformities in birth brachial plexus palsy are common and children could present with limitation in pronation (supination deformity) or supination (pronation deformity). However, there is paucity of literature dealing with them. Moreover, the assessment and decision making regarding the indication for surgery and choosing the type of surgery remains perplexing. This article presents detailed information about the pathogenesis, clinical presentation, decision making considerations and choosing an appropriate operation for a given child. Authors provide an algorithm of management based on their experience of managing 129 children with birth brachial plexus palsy related forearm deformities.

The patient selection and management algorithm for correcting supination and pronation deformities is described in detail. A child with supination deformity is more likely to present for surgical intervention as a fixed supinated forearm is aesthetically unpleasing and results in a functional deficit which is much more than what the motor profile would dictate. Hence, a meagre change in position of the hand by a rotational correction greatly improves the appearance, function and is associated with substantial patient satisfaction. Authors empahsise on individualising the treatment based on the existing hand function and patient demands. Nonetheless, a supinated forearm at presentation is often stiff and radius pronation osteotomy is the commonest operation required for these children.

Praveen Bhardwaj, Editor, JHS-AP
APFSSH - Diversity in Hand Surgery
Dawn Chia
Helping Women in Hand Surgery be Seen and Heard

The Hand Surgery specialty has seen an increase in the percentage of women and minority races over the years, rising to 30% and 25% of hand surgery fellows respectively.(1) Despite the rise in numbers, females and minorities continue to be under-represented overall within the specialty. Specialty mentors and leadership roles continue to have few females. The number of hand surgery fellowship programs with female directors stood at 13%, and female faculty members at 15%.(2)

Forum on gender diversity at the 13th APFSSH conference in Singapore, 2023.

On a positive note, the demographics in the Asia Pacific hand surgery community is evolving, and we see more females entering the specialty. The increased presence and contributions of females in our Asia Pacific region is visible. We had 9 women holding the President position of the Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association beginning with Dr Teresita Altre from the Philippines in 1986. We saw Prof Tunku Sara Ahmad from Malaysia honoured as a keynote speaker at the most recent APFSSH Congress in 2023, and the International Orthopaedic Diversity Alliance (IODA) immediate Past President is Dr Jennifer Green from Australia. There are also an increasing number of female surgeons sitting on the various national hand societies’ executive committees. With the APFSSH celebrating its 30th year of founding in 2024, we look forward to increasing diversity and gender equality as our young specialty continues to grow in the region.

APFSSH - Diversity in Hand Surgery
Dawn Chia

To encourage the continued representation of women in a male dominated specialty, I share a few aspects considered significant in my own career development as a hand surgeon, and believe are important to strengthen and inspire others to continue the journey for professional equality.

Prof Tunku Sara Ahmad as an invited keynote lecture speaker at the 13th APFSSH conference in Singapore, 2023.
A moment captured with A/Prof Agnes Tan during the Singapore Society of Hand Surgery Annual Scientific Meeting 2024 as session moderators. She remains an impactful female mentor and role model in my professional and personal growth.

Redefine Roles & Accept Challenges
A hurdle that the underrepresented face is the lack of self-confidence or imposter syndrome. When presented with an unfamiliar task, especially in the formative years of residency and in the early phases of our career, the reflex response is often “I can’t do that, I’m not the expert” and reject the opportunity. It is also recognised that females and other minorities face increased discrimination in getting promoted into roles, such as senior leadership positions, as there can be gender or behavioural bias.(3) When such situations are encountered, take a moment to consider reframing our perceptions, adopt an open mindset, and to reset the fear of accepting challenges. Additionally, there are many opportunities and advancements waiting to be pursued, and one should not assume to be ineligible or pigeonholed to a particular path, in order to start working on a project of interest.

Support Networks & Collaboration
Being part of a network supporting the minority also provides an avenue for advocacy of diversity for the underrepresented. Besides providing a community for the various diverse groups such as females in orthopaedics and ethnic minorities, it also provides

APFSSH - Diversity in Hand Surgery
Dawn Chia

a voice to speak on their behalf to promote equality. These networks are important in raising overall awareness and creating a safe environment for these diverse groups. The effort to build these communities inspire people to grow, and nurture continued engagement and promote collaborations with the greater community.

Mentors & Role Models
Mentorship plays a significant role in shaping the individual. Same-gender mentorship is particularly valuable in providing insight into shared experiences, assisting in conflict and bias management, and guiding career development.(4) Most of us are able to easily identify mentors and role models who have had a significant impact on our training and career path. Their actions are seen through demonstration of field expertise, devotion to patient care, commitment to teaching, time generosity to guide a younger generation, contributions back to society and underserved communities, and giving recognition and support to junior surgeons to achieve further accomplishments.

As we welcome successive generations of hand surgeons into the fraternity, it is a critical period where we need to promote increasing awareness of the presence of diversity and its challenges. With advocacy for equality and equity, it heralds an era for greater representation and better relationships, and safer work and social environments.

Dawn Chia, Hand Surgeon, Singapore


  1. Shittu A, Murdock CJ, Destine H, Trenchfield D, Moore M, Aiyer A, LaPorte D. Trends in Racial, Ethnic, and Gender Diversity Among Hand Surgery Fellows From 2007 to 2021. J Hand Surg Am. 2023 Jun 22:S0363-5023(23)00254-X.
  2. Grandizio LC, Pavis EJ, Hayes DS, Young A, Klena JC. Analysis of Gender Diversity Within Hand Surgery Fellowship Programs. J Hand Surg Am. 2021 Sep;46(9):772-777.
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News from IFSSH
David Warwick
International Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Hand
In 2021, International Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Hand (IFSSH) Officers Jin Bo Tang and Raja Sabapathy proposed that, in an effort to increase member society engagement and regional hand surgery education, the IFSSH would support what would be called an “IFSSH Mid-Term Course in Hand Surgery”. The Course would be an educational event featuring local, regional and world experts presenting lectures on all aspects of our specialty. It was not to be a congress featuring original scientific research. This Course would be hosted by a member society on a rotating basis among the four IFSSH regions and would be scheduled halfway between IFSSH Triennial Congresses. Four societies (Australia, Bolivia, Ecuador and Thailand) presented bids for the inaugural Mid-Term Course during the 2022 Delegates’ Council meeting in London and the Delegates awarded the opportunity to host the Course to the Ecuadorian Society for Surgery of the Hand (ECUMANO).

1st IFSSH Mid-Term Course in Hand Surgery flyer
We are pleased to report that this 1st Mid-Term Course in Hand Surgery has now occurred in Quito, Ecuador (31st January – 3rd February 2024) and it was a spectacular success!

(L-R): Drs Gabriel Alegría (ECUMANO President), David Warwick (IFSSH Secretary-General), Daniel Nagle (IFSSH President) and Fidel Cayón (ECUMANO IFSSH Delegate) celebrate the opening of the 1st IFSSH Mid-Term Course in Hand Surgery.
The Course was expertly hosted by ECUMANO, led by Dr. Fidel Cayón (ECUMANO IFSSH Delegate) and Dr. Gabriel Alegría (ECUMANO President), and with significant input from our IFSSH South American Member-at-Large Dr. Aida Garcia. The beautiful city of Quito was tranquil, as we had indeed been reassured by the organisers.

The new Quito Metropolitan Convention Centre was a perfect venue, set 2850 meters above sea level in a valley surrounded by the
News from IFSSH
David Warwick

Andes with easy access by metro, taxi and buses arranged by the hosts. There were two large meeting rooms, a third room for the therapists and a central area for the many trade exhibitors. The audio-visual support was extremely professional with large clear screens, seamless transition of presentations and simultaneous translation through Zoom. The IFSSH-sponsored keynote speakers - Don Lalonde, Amy Moore, Andrea Atzei, Marc Garcia Elias, and Chaitanya Mudgal – provided excellent masterclass lectures. Several workshops and innumerable lectures covering all aspects of hand surgery were offered.

Participants documented their home nations, demonstrating the reach of the 1st Mid-Term Course in Hand Surgery
Dr Fidel Cayon, 2 years after delivering the 2022 hosting bid on behalf of ECUMANO, shared his sentiments by inscribing “Dreams come true”
Course participants at Ciudad Mitad del Mundo (Middle of the World city) for the course dinner - to celebrate ECUMANO, the IFSSH and a lot of friendships.
News from IFSSH
David Warwick

Participants travelled from all over to the centre of the world. There were 493 attendees (including 54 Hand Therapists) from 25 countries. This international representation provided the course with global viewpoints on many topics. Participants were also provided with opportunities to “Meet and Greet” a number of the speakers in small, informal groups. These sessions inspired many and allowed time to ask the questions that each had always wanted to ask. The Course was strongly supported by the industry and we are very grateful to each exhibitor for their input.

The IFSSH was honoured to have its logo projected on to the Ciudad Mitad del Mundo for the inaugural event
The atmosphere was friendly, fun, relaxed yet excited. The highlight of the social program was the course party set in the spectacular Cuidad Mitad del Mundo (the Middle of the World City). The party goers had the opportunity to enjoy Ecuadorian chocolate and beer, experience traditional dancing, and even dance with one foot in the northern hemisphere and the other in the southern hemisphere.

Thank you Drs. Cayón, Alegría, Garcia and ECUMANO for hosting an amazing 1st IFSSH Mid-Term Course in Hand Surgery.

In June 2024 we will be calling for submissions to host the 2nd IFSSH Mid-Term Course in Hand Surgery and we hope that all are inspired by the success of this inaugural Course.

David Warwick, Secretary General, IFSSH
Member Society Status - Hong Kong
Emily Yip
Hong Kong Society for Surgery of the Hand (HKSSH)
The Hong Kong Society for Surgery of the Hand (HKSSH) contributed to hosting a concurrent session, a free paper session, and a plenary lecture around the theme of “Microsurgical Reconstruction” at the HKOA 43rd Annual Congress on 4th – 5th November 2023.

Prof. Fu Chan Wei and Dr. Bo Liu received our appreciation after their talk in the concurrent session
Dr Jeffery Koo, President of HKSSH and Ms. Mavis Lee, President of HKSHT representing Hong Kong to exchange our gifts with Swiss Society of Hand Surgery.
We were honoured to have invited Prof. Fu Chan Wei to give a lecture on “Workhorse flaps for soft tissue and bony reconstruction for areas around the joint”. Prof. Wei also shared his valuable experience on “Toe Hand Transfer” during the concurrent session. Dr. Bo Liu (China), Dr PC Ho (Hong Kong SAR) and Dr PT Chan (Hong Kong SAR) also provided insights on microsurgery development.

HKSSH was invited as the guest society for the Swiss hand congress 2023, held on 23rd to 24th November 2023 in Switzerland. HKSSH representatives conducted hospital visits and presentations at the congress as invited guest speakers. We had a productive meeting and strengthened our connections with fellow hand surgeons in Switzerland.

Member Society Status - Hong Kong
Emily Yip
HKSSH doctors and hand therapists representatives with Swiss congress organizers

HKSSH 36th Annual Congress will be held on 23rd-24th March 2024, with the theme “Occupational & Recreational Hand Disorders”. Experts from Swiss Society for Hand Surgery and local experienced speakers from Hong Kong have been invited. A half-day cadaveric workshop on hand and wrist arthroscopy and reconstruction will be held on 24th March 2023, following the congress. For more information, please visit our website www.hkssh.org.

Emily Yip, Honorary Secretary, HKSSH
Executive Body HKSSH
President: Dr KOO Siu Cheong Jeffrey Justin
Vice-President: Dr YAU Leung Kai Edmund
President-Elect: Dr CHOW Esther Ching San
Honorary Secretary: Dr YIP Ka Yan Emily
Honorary Treasurer: Dr. FOK Woon Man Margaret
Members: Dr LEE Syn Yuk Michelle, Dr TAM Ka Ki, Dr TSE Wing Lim
Member Society Status - Indonesia
Made Bramantya Karna

Indonesian Society For Upper Limb & Microsurgery (INASHUM)

During the 71st Continuing Orthopaedic Education, which was held in Jimbaran, Bali nearing the end of November 2023, PERAMOI - INASHUM (Indonesian Society for Upper Limb & Microsurgery) hosted a mini symposium entitled “The Innovation of WALANT Technique in New Era” as part of the events.

This Mini Symposium was organized to provide space for PERAMOI-INASHUM members to gather and discuss the innovative new technique: Wide-Awake Local Anesthesia No Tourniquet (WALANT) in the management of different upper extremities conditions. This technique removes the requirement for operations to be performed with a tourniquet and general/regional anesthesia, relying on local anesthetic and hemostatic agents to provide suitable conditions for surgery. This educational and interactive event invited experts on this field from both the national and international scene, namely: dr. Putut Sugiantoro, SpOT (K), Amir Adham Ahmad, MD, and Shams Amir Samsul Bahar, MD. The symposium was a hybrid event for all PERAMOI-INASHUM members to enjoy.

Member Society Status - Indonesia
Made Bramantya Karna

This series of events and activities ended with a family gathering and work meeting for PERAMOI-INASHUM members. Ninety members and invited guests joined the Pirate Cruise dinner and enjoyed the beauty of the sunset golden hour at Tanjung Benoa Beach. The atmosphere during the work meeting was conducive and resulted in ideas and suggestions which were pertinent to the progress and future of PERAMOI-INASHUM. We invite and welcome all APFSSH members to our future meetings and I look forward to meeting all of you in person soon. Stay healthy and stay safe!

Reflecting the success of the Mini Symposium and Family Gathering events, PERAMOI-INASHUM will host the upcoming “INASHUM Biennial Meeting in Conjunction with the 4th ASEAN Hand Society Meeting”, which will be held in Bandung, West Java on the 25th to 27th of July 2024. We looking forward to meet you all during this event.

Alamsyah SH, Member, INASHUM
Made Bramantya Karna, President, INASHUM

Executive Body PERAMOI
President: Made Bramantya Karna
Vice-President: Oryza Satria
Gen. Secretary: Seti Adji
Treasurer: Andi Dedhie Prasatia Sam
Editor: Pramono Ari Wibowo
Our society ran 3 courses during 2023. The first was an advanced nerve course for us to master the skill of coping with ‘nerves’ during major cases. To the Hand and Microsurgery fraternity, ‘nerves’ are literally a daily affair, be it in mental or physical form. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)’s Hand & Microsurgery in collaboration with The Global Nerve Foundation and Esser Masterclass held a workshop titled “Advanced Techniques in Peripheral Nerve Surgery” at the Advanced Surgical Skills Center (ASSC) in Hospital Canselor Tuanku Muhriz (also known as Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia) from 16th to 18th February 2023. This course was unlike any other as it was concurrently held in 3 separate venues across 2 continents (Bristol, Rotterdam and Kuala Lumpur). To allow this to simultaneously happen. The events timing was somewhat unheard off, starting at 4pm and ending at 1am (!!) on each day in Kuala Lumpur (corresponding to a civilized 8am to 5pm in Bristol and 9am to 6pm in Rotterdam).

Where all the drama unfolded: the anatomic dissection hall at the ASSC, UKM
Q&A session with the international expert panel via Zoom
Participants still chatting late into the night during one of the tea breaks

With a timing that already seemed bizarre for courses, there was probably no crazier way to ‘handle nerves’ than to immerse oneself in a cadaveric workshop on nerve surgery which journeyed deep into the twilight zone. Our Malaysian participants definitely wrote themselves into local Orthopaedic folklore by being the first oddballs to participate in a workshop of this nature.

With a timing that already seemed bizarre for courses, there was probably no crazier way to ‘handle nerves’ than to immerse oneself in a cadaveric workshop on nerve surgery which journeyed deep into the twilight zone. Our Malaysian participants definitely wrote themselves into local Orthopaedic folklore by being the first oddballs to participate in a workshop of this nature.

The second event was a cadaveric upper limb fracture fixation course sponsored by Medartis and Scionex from 18-19th March 2023 where 24 participants had an excellent time improving their plating and screw fixation skills. It was held again at the ASSC centre in Hospital UKM.

The third and final event for the year was MSSH’s Annual Scientific Meeting with the theme of “The Growing Hand and Trauma Hand” course held at Kinta Riverfront Hotel in Ipoh from 18th – 20th August 2023 which saw the attendance of approximately 150 participants encompassing medical officers, surgeons and physiotherapists.

(L-R): Dr Sharifah Roohi, Prof Tunku Sara, A/ Prof Alphonsus Chong and Dr Mohd Iskander Mohd Amin
Shalimar Abdullah, Honorary Secretary, MSSH
Executive Body MSSH
President: Mohd Iskander Mohd Amin
Vice-President: Jeremy Prakash
Honorary Secretary: Shalimar Abdullah
Honorary Treasurer: Shams Amir
Committee Members: Mohd Sallehuddin, Ruban Sivanoli & Vijay Gopal
Member Society Status - Philippines
Emmanuel Estrella

Association of Hand Surgeons of the Philippines (AHSP)

The year 2023 marks the year of our new set of officers: President Eugene Brito, vice-president Jessica Anne Gandiongco, Secretary Precious Grace Handog and Treasurer Henry Gerard Calleja. Among the activities that society members participated last year was the recently concluded 13th APFSSH and 9th APFSHT with 8th APWA Congress. This was well attended by the society members. Delegates from the Philippines were many and we enjoyed the learning and meeting with old friends and making new ones. This congress had the greatest number of Philippine delegates to date.

Delegates from the AHSP attending the 13th APFSSH, 9th APFSHT and 8th APWA Congress in Singapore last May 31-June 3, 2023

The 74th Annual Philippine Orthopedic Association (POA) was held last November 15-18, 2023 with a theme “At Par and Attuned with Global Advances” and it had a whole day scientific session by the AHSP. The key note speaker for the Convention was Prof Kevin Chung (USA). Among our other international delegates were Christopher Dy and Jovito Angeles from the USA and Amir Ahmad of Malaysia.

Professor Kevin C Chung gave a lecture on his approach to complicated distal radius fracture fixation, and the role of AI in orthopaedics. He also gave his inputs on evidence-based orthopaedics and how it can guide the orthopadists in the clinical setting. Christopher Dy also gave a lecture on brachial plexus management and the role of research

Member Society Status - Philippines
Emmanuel Estrella
Prof Kevin Chung receiving an iconic gift of the “Philippine Jeepney” from past AHSP President and outgoing President of the POA David Alagar in the recently concluded 74th Annual Philippine Orthopedic Association Congress last November 15-18, 2023, where Prof Chung was a Keynote Speaker.
in improving patient outcomes. Dr. Amir Ahmad shared his experiences with the use of the WALANT technique in doing upper and lower extremity surgeries, including peripheral nerve problems. Dr Jovito Angeles one of our compatriots who is practicing in Boston, USA shared his insights on emerging technologies to improve peripheral nerve recovery after surgery.

For more details you can visit the website of the Association of Hand Surgeons of the Philippines at https://handsurgeons.ph
Prof Emmanuel Estrella, APFSSH Delegate, AHSP
Executive Body AHSP
President: Eugene Brito
Vice-President: Jessica Anne Gandionco
Secretary: Precious Grace Handog
Treasurer: Henry Gerard Calleja
Ex-Officio: Emmanuel Estrella
Member Society Status - Taiwan
Yu-Te LIn

Taiwan Society for Surgery of the Hand (TSSH)

In 2023, the Taiwan Society for Surgery of the Hand (TSSH) hosted its annual meeting on May 6-7 at the Taipei Veterans General Hospital (TVGH). This was the first annual meeting since the subsidence of the COVID-19 epidemic, and it featured many international ambassadors.
Among them were were our keynote speakers, Kazuki Sato, the president of the Japan Society for Surgery of the Hand (JSSH), Prof. Jong-Woong Park and Hyeok Rhyou,the president of the Korean Society for Surgery of the Hand (KSSH), and Dr. Duretti Fufa from the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) in New York.

TSSH also welcomed travelling fellows, including Dr. Hiroo Kimura and Dr. Kazuhiro Kohata from Japan, and Dr. Chang-Sik John Pak and Dr. Hyun-Joo Lee from Korea. They joined our fellow sessions to share their studies with our members. Further hospital visits were also arranged. The Chairman, Prof. Fu, expressed his appreciation to Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital (CGMH), National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH), China Medicine University Hospital (CMUH), Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital (KMUH), and E-Da Hospital for their hospitality towards these travelling fellows.

Following the Asian-Pacific Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Hand (APFSSH) annual meeting in Singapore, we were delighted to welcome Prof. Alexander Shin to Taiwan. We organized a Distal Radius Fracture Symposium at Kaohsiung Medical University on June 4. We are grateful to Prof. Shin and Prof. Yuan-Hun Tu for their insightful speeches.

Member Society Status - Taiwan
Yu-Te LIn

On October 5, the General Secretary of TSSH, Tien-Ching Lee, attended the annual International Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Hand (IFSSH) Delegates’ council meeting in Toronto. During the Annual Meeting of the Taiwan Orthopaedic Society (TOA), we invited the President of JSSH-Prof Iwasaki, to deliver a keynote speech about a novel cartilage repair technique for advanced elbow osteochondral dissecans on October 28.

On November 16, TSSH organized a cadaver workshop at Hualian Tzu-Chi University, where many experts demonstrated surgical skills and approaches in detail to the participants. The attendees found these lessons very beneficial to their clinical practice.

Member Society Status - Taiwan
Yu-Te LIn

The 2024 TSSH Annual Meeting is scheduled to take place at Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital on May 4-5. We plan to invite JSSH as our guest society for this meeting. Additionally, the 9th Asia Pacific Wrist Association Annual Congress will be held at TVGH on November 15-16. We anticipate that these meetings will provide our ambassadors and attendees with a memorable experience.

Yu-Te Lin, Member, Taiwan Society for Surgery of the Hand
Executive Body TSSH
President: Yin-Chih Fu
Secretary-General: Tien-Ching Lee
Deputy Secretary-General: Yung-Cheng Chiu
Chun-Yu Chen
Chen-Hsiang Kuan
Po-Ting Wu
Secretary: Chen-Ching Pan
Member Society Status - Thailand
Yuwarat Monteerarat

Thai Society for Surgery of the Hand (TSSH)

Looking back on a year filled with exciting activities, the Thai Society for Surgery of the Hand (TSSH) is excited to share our annual recap. In the beginning of the year, March, we had our yearly hand meeting. Last year, it was all about "Annual Hand Meeting - Dedication Trust and Innovation" on March 16, 2023. This event provided a platform for hand surgeons to collaborate and exchange innovative ideas. Looking ahead, we eagerly anticipate the 39th Annual Hand Meeting in 2024, titled "Practical Point in Hand Surgery," scheduled for March 21-22, 2024."

Later on, we organized the "Regional Hand Meeting 2023" on August 17-18, held in Nan province, the northern part of Thailand, where experts discussed local challenges. We believe it's important to have these meetings in different parts of Thailand to include as many people as possible.

Member Society Status - Thailand
Yuwarat Monteerarat

A standout event in our calendar is the 45th Annual Meeting of the Royal College of Orthopaedic Surgeons of Thailand and the 43rd Annual Meeting of the ASEAN Orthopaedic Association. This event, featuring Professor Gregory Bain from Australia was scheduled for October 20-22, 2023, at the Royal Cliff Hotel in Pattaya, Thailand. Themed "BEYOND THE HORIZON & ABOVE THE LIMITS," the conference underscores our dedication to pushing the boundaries of orthopedic and hand surgery.

We actively encourage our members to participate in other significant international meetings, fostering global collaboration and learning. Furthermore, we organize hands-on workshops to assist residents and fellows in enhancing their surgical skills and knowledge. The TSSH remains committed to advancing the field of hand surgery, promoting learning, collaboration, and pushing the limits for a brighter future.

Yuwarat Monteerarat, APFSSH Member-at-large, Thailand
Executive Body TSSH
President: Chairoj Uerpairojkit
President-elect: Pravit Kitidumrongsook
Secretary: Navapong Anantavorasakul
Treasurer: Torpon Vathana
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